The poets who support and foster the work of the Poetry Caravan are doing literary missionary work by bringing poetry into the lives of the often alienated. 

 - Billy Collins, former U.S. Poet Laureate

from his foreword to the Poetry Caravan anthology




Who We Are: 

          a group of Westchester and Metro area poets who love

to  share poetry 


Our Mission: 

to bring poetry to people who donŐt have easy access to the        spoken and  written word


What We Do: 

Free readings of poetry and writing workshops in shelters, assisted living centers, hospitals, non-profit organizations and similar venues.  Over 165 readings and 18 writing workshops since our founding in 2003.


Our Publication:

en(compass) . The Poetry Caravan Anthology.  Poems by Caravan members and workshop participants. Foreword by Billy Collins.  Edited by Usha Akella, Poetry Caravan founder (Yuganta Press, 2005).



The Poetry Caravan was founded in 2003 with support from the Town of Greenburgh (NY) Arts and Culture Committee.                                    



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