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The Poetry Carvan's Intergenerational Project called "Times of Our Lives" at the Woodlands Senior Living Center in Ardsley, NY
Sponsored by a grant from the Westchester Center for Creative Aging (WCCA)

Times of Our Lives is an intergenerational project that brought residents of the Woodlands Independent/Assisted Living Facility and Ardsley Middle School students together for poetry and memoir writing.   Members of the Poetry Caravan who are also established poets and writers, Conrad Geller, Adrienne Hernandez, Karen Rippstein, Jane Rose, and Charlotte Walsh facilitated the seniors and students under the direction of Sarah Bracey-White and Ruth Handel.

Frank Sisco videotaped each of the sessions as students and seniors shared and wrote about important memories of people, places, and events in their lives.   Student participants were recruited from winners and finalists of the Greenburgh poetry contests and from Ardsley Middle School, which has an active poetry program.  The purpose of the project was to open avenues for creative relationships and to commemorate important times through written expression.   This program was supported by a grant from the Westchester Center for Creative Aging.

On Sunday, April 15, 2007 from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. at the Woodlands Residence, Route 9A in Ardsley there will be a culminating celebration and distribution of an anthology of the created works.   Please join the Poetry Caravan at this meaningful event during National Poetry Month.

(From a press release sent to Martinelli Publications, publisher of 9 newspapers in Westchester County, NY)

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Storyboard of Videoclip # 1 and various photos
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Videoclip # 1
Photos (A) for Videoclip #1

The videoclip covers the following:

The individuals are identified in Videoclp #1.
(a) the approach to the Woodlands on Sunday 1/07/07, which was Session 1 of the "Times of Our Lives" project.
(b) greeting members of the project including Poetry Caravan members, residents of Woodlands, and student writers, and others.
(c) brief discussions before beginning the session.
Photos (B) for Videoclip #1
Photos (C) for Videoclip #1

The individuals are identified in Videoclp #1.

The individuals are identified in Videoclp #1.

Photos (D) for Videoclip #1
Photos (E) for Videoclip #1
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