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Karen L. Garvey, psychic and author of "The Answers"

About "The Answers": (Info taken from website) - The book contains THE ANSWERS to your questions about life based on the book communicated to Karen L. Garvey by Ayn Rand. THE ANSWERS is an ongoing dialogue between us and the energy realm, where questions posed to entities are answered on a continual basis, creating a growing volume of information. Since no one audio program or book can contain ALL the answers to humans’ questions, this series allows for continuing communication between the two realms thus enabling the human realm to expand in awareness.

About Karen L. Garvey (Info taken from website) - After obtaining her MBA, Karen L. Garvey acquired extensive business and writing experience, authoring/co-authoring many articles and books including THE ROAD TAKEN: Learn to Maneuver Your Road Your Way. She presently addresses audiences and appears on radio and television about reaching success, offering practical guidance based on concepts learned from her core guides. Karen regularly communicates with her guides who provide frequent insights into our earthly existence, and enlightening essays for workshops, audio programs, and books. Karen offers one-on-one sessions with clients enabling them to connect with their guides or loved ones who have separated. To contact Karen for a session, please call 866.263.3879 or email The main website is, which has info about books, seminars, and what people are saying.

Contact info:
Contact Frank Sisco of the advertising firm for further information at 914.740.4422 of by email at (Also for more info go to All videocliips, including audio, were recorded by Frank Sisco (with verbal permission) during a seminar at The Source Center in Manhattan, NY on 10/11/2007. Additional photos and info were taken from various material provided to Frank Sisco. Intellectual property, if any, created by Frank Sisco remain his. Copyright 2007 Frank Sisco.
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Seminar/Workshp given by Karen Garvey on 10/11/2007. Various photos from the event. See videoclips below these photos.
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Storyboard of Videoclip # 1 through # 16
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Videoclip # 1
Videoclip # 2

(Videoclip #1) - Excerpts of the drive from New Rochelle, NY to the seminar in Manhattan, including visual scenes of Manhattan and background radio (Michael Savage, and songs from WFUV and other stations, including of Leonard Cohen and "One is the Loneliest Number," covered by Aimee Mann), and a tour with Ivy of The Source Center.(SLC Conference Center).   

(Videoclip #2) - Entering the seminar of "The Answers" already in progress (for about 20 minutes).   Karen Garvey discusses focusing on positive energy,   (Sisco missed recording the sections that were Striker Corbin introducing Karen Garvey, his spouse, and Karen speaking about the Earth University, high vibrational energy, and the key steps are to love, to create and to learn.)  
Videoclip # 3
Videoclip # 4

(Videoclip #3) - Why some events like 911 happen; guides; soul's quest; coincidences, messages on the radio; get out of the way of our thinking.

(Videoclip #4) - Watching for signs, songs on the radio, colors, 4 stages of wake, dream, memories and soul; always a positive message; purpose is to love, create and learn.
Videoclip # 5
Videoclip # 6

(Videoclip #5) - Independent thinking, (e.g. an alternative way to deal with Iranian president and the related controversy; woman in grocery store and the clerk, question by Frank Sisco regarding Iranian president's comments about the Holocaust), the souls of those who perished in 911.  

(Videoclip #6) - Karen answers the question from an attendee (Nancy) "What happens to all the bad people who pass on?"   and talks about (a) the life review that happens when a person dies (b) learning during life vs. at death (c) evil (d) people have different levels of awareness.  

Videoclip # 7
Videoclip # 8

(Videoclip #7) - Striker Corbin discusses books and CDs, and Karen's answers to many questions, including questions about health and wealth.


 (Videoclip #8) - After the break, there is a discussion between independent thinking (which is based on intuition) and not thinking.

Videoclip # 9
Videoclip # 10

(Videoclip #9) - Three important areas are (1) wealth (2) relationships and (3) health.   When you believe something is possible, it will then be able to happen.   Karen's children are 16, 15 and 5 and she discusses the good health of children.   Karen says that when you believe that things are good and that they will be good, then they will be.

(Videoclip #10) - Striker Corbin talks about this life being abundant.   He and Karen   demonstrate the power of thoughts via exercises using pendulums and "energy sticks."   Also, she discusses automatic writing and talks about a guide of an attendee, Nancy.

Videoclip # 11
Videoclip # 12

(Videoclip #11) - Karen discusses groupings in the energy realm, including guides, angels, etc.   She tells of an experience when she had been knocked out of the way of danger.   Frank Sisco, videographer, tells of an experience of meeting an old man who told Frank about his future and about his relationships and then vanished.   Experiences like this happen when we are in disarray.   Karen talks about the similarities of the books, "The Answers," and "The Secret."   Question from Frank: "Does your soul song change?"   Karen gives example of penguin parents being able to discern differences among the young penguins based on sounds.


(Videoclip #12) - Karen discusses   (a) interactions (b) passions and questions (curiosity) enable possibilities to happen (c) people growing and expanding their level of awareness to have bliss on earth.

Videoclip # 13
Videoclip # 14

(Videoclip #13) -   (a) Striker Corbin reminds participants about books, emails, etc. (b) Striker and Karen comment on how they met 19 years ago. () participants talking.


(Videoclip #14) - Shots of books, CDs, and DVDs.

Videoclip # 15
Videoclip # 16

(Videoclip #15) - (a) Discussion with Jeanne Burke, facilitator, and Jeanne's viewpoint about "The Secret" and "The Answers." (b) various people in the elevator.


(Videoclip #16) - Scenes on Manhattan streets with music from the car radio playing in the background, the George Washington Bridge and then returning to Frank Sisco's home.

For Karen Garvey's website, go to


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