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Poetry Caravan

The Poetry Caravan was founded in 2003 by Usha Akella with the assistance from the Greenburgh Arts and Culture Committe. The mission of the Poetry Caravan is to bring poets and poetry to people in our community who cannot reach poetry on their own. It provides a platform for poets to showcase their talents while fostering a sense of community in poets and audiences. Caravan poets regularly visit the Esplanade, Sprain Brook Manor Nursing Home, the Ruth Taylor Care Center, Burke Rehabilitation Center, Osbourne Home, and Westchester Meadows. Other Poetry Caravan sites have included Grace Church Samaritan House, the Women's Residence/YWCA, Greenburgh Alcohol Treatment Center, and New York Presbyterian Hospital/Macy Pavilion.

To join the Poetry Caravan or request a Caravan visit, call Usha Akella at 914.686.4487 or visit the Poetry Caravan website at Click here.

To purchase one or more copies of the new anthology called "en(compass)" for $10, please contact Usah Akella by email at or contact Frank Sisco by phone at 914.381.3737 or by email at
On 3/17/2005, there was held an exciting poetry event at Pace University(2 to 4pm) that included over ___ readings by poets, many that are included in the new anthology called "en(compass)." Contact Doretta Cornell, Pace professor, at ________for more information.
The below 2 videos will play simultaneously and thus you should press the pause buttons of the other two videos you are not watching.
The video below is of the time before the readings, including Doretta Cornell and Usha Akella.

The video below is of the time after the readings, including (a)

Videos taken by Frank Sisco:
at Pace University on 3/17/2005 (except videos of Frank taken by student, Brendon)
Copyright 2005 Frank Sisco


Below is a list of the readings on 3/17/05 at Pace University in Purchase, NY. Click on the blue poem name to go to VideoPoem Page.
# Last name, first name

Poem (Just click on the poem title below to go to the VideoPoem page)

1 Handel, Ruth
Another Example
Open Air (For Bill who suggested writing poetry outdoors)
Guanine, adenine, thymine, and cytosine
2 Antonio, EJ Alert (Other poems that were read were already on this website)
3 Fazio, Katherine
The Moving
All Things My Coach Taught Me


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