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"The Moth" by Caroline Baisch (of Valhalla, NY). Copyright 2005 Caroline Baisch
Poetry Caravan Gala Event at Greenburgh Town Hall, launching anthology "en(compasse)" - 3/13/2005


Video of Caroline reading her poem
Video taken by Frank Sisco at
Greenburgh Town Hall on 3/13/2005
Copyright 2005 Frank Sisco













Text of poem

The moth flew in as I closed the door,
Drawn by golden lamps I'd lit before.
I watched it flutter high, far out of reach,
Where wall and ceiling met, it found a niche.
“It's not for you, this human place.”
I said aloud and gave it chase.
My apron whisked it from the wall.
Brown cloak flaring, it took the fall
and rose; eluding me then flew,
for a moment from my view.
On a fold of curtain came to rest;
Rode the billowing white and lacey crest.
“Why did you, God, permit it in?
What's better here than where it's been?
Please, help me get this moth outside alive,
Within these walls it cannot thrive.”
It clung now to the inside of the door
that had provided entry just before.
I open it with aproned hand and guide,
the tentative moths steps to the other side.
And suddenly it took its airy flight
into the dark and free, familiar night.
“Go safely now,” I sigh in my relief,
Glad its certain fright had been so brief.

Such fuss about a moth you're chiding me?
Truly, caring is a matter of degree.
Like Jabez* I do not want to be the cause
of pain. To anything, not even moths.
What past me crawls or flies by night and day,
I'd simply rather-gently brush away.

*1 chronicles, Chapter 4; 9-10, NKJV Version












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