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"Cherry Tree in Spring " by Alice Feeley (of Dobbs Ferry, NY). Copyright 2005 Alice Feeley
Poetry Caravan Gala Event at Greenburgh Town Hall, launching anthology "en(compasse)" - 3/13/2005

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Video of Alice reading her poem
Video taken by Frank Sisco at
Greenburgh Town Hall on 3/13/2005
Copyright 2005 Frank Sisco











Text of poem

Suddenly there's a chapel outside the laundry room
dome swollen with cherry blossoms
pink, deckle edged, bunched together
swirled up towards the sun,
arched down to the earth, nodding up and down
in gentle adoration. Dark boughs
as strong as arms' embrace, split with grace
to open seats for anyone to take.
An empty blue swing with gold cords
hangs alone from a single branch
processing to the sky in lustrous pink.
This is a temple timed for breathless worship
and comfort that is swift. Inside and out
a dryer spins with clocked exactitude.
Petals feathered with a pinking shears
cling together and drop before their color
dulls. Pink radiance covers the ground
is mirrored in the silver bumper
of a parked red car. In this sanctuary
walk, dance, stand or scuff in the light
-there is no place or time for shoes.















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